Fifth Geddamin War

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The last of the Geddamin Wars, the Fifth Geddamin War lasted from 2582 to 2586. It marked the end of Gorcorumbese aspirations to retain and expand their great empire. Allied humans captured titancraft vessels from Gorcorumb and as a consequence began the development of titancraft technology. Due to the outcome of the Great Sky War, Gorcorumb lost its greatest ally with the defeat and reduction of the New Kalikán Empire. As Aurice was no longer subject to the Thracian Empire, Gorcorumb's former ally, the Gorcorumbese Giants waged war a new offensive against the east, hoping to defeat the newly arisen Aurician Empire of House Bijäl. The Fifth Geddamin War arose soon after the truce that ended the Fourth Geddamin War. The Aurician Empire and her allies defeated the Gorcorumbese and commenced a period of military, political, and cultural magnificence.

Major Campaigns in the Memnosian Theater

Gorcorumb's aspirations were greatly to perish. Gorcorumbese Empire lost all extra-Danonan Territory, except Desthor, and the Gorcorumbese Empire waned steadily after this war. Mainland Corundy was liberated with the aid of Aurice under the leadership of the powerful Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl. This help from Aurice enhanced Aurice's reputation. Nations and Tribes of northwest Weshif had a general revolt and Gorcorumb was not able to recover them. Aurice did not retain or occupy Corundy after the war, unlike her dominion of the two provinces of Zamir. Aurice gained much prestige and political clout and her acquisition of titancraft technology began the transformation of her military engine into an imperial force with repercussions for her overseas colonies and for her domination of western Asdauria in the 27th century.

Gorcorumb placed some of its noble Geddamin generals in Asdauria to serve as advisors to the uhlaks of the Golden Horde and their campaign against the Aurician Empire.

The Gorcorumbese had divided mainland Corundy into two satrapies 'Kurundiya' roughly the western half and 'Madratasya' the central portion, each ruled by a Geddamin Satrap. Gorcorumb had already lost eastern Corundy (Zamir or 'Zamirya') in the Fourth Geddamin War.

Hewlus Draingoblet, the Wizardmaster of Duke Stalcast Bijäl played a critical role in the retromechanics of the Titancraft Vessels, captured in 2584. They first had to understand how to use the technology as it was.

Khamilúk Vastrain Glitmer led the skyforce of Aurice against the Geddamin. Lord Glitmer took a risk and used the captured titancraft Dreadnought in a critical part of the battle in Corundy. Although the vessel received damage in the conflict, it was still sufficiently intact for Hewlus Draingoblet to examine it and discover some of its operations. Other titancraft engines of artillery were captured, their functioning ascertained and proven, and their powers used against the enemy.

The Knights-Magi of Aurice played a special role defending the city of Aurice in the Battle of Aurice and in the Battle of St. Brognasso.

Incarnandist mercenaries with the blessing of the Incarnandina serve on the side of Aurice, but only selectively to protect Incarnandists and to defeat the Geddamin. They work mainly in Danona and Weshif. St. Inakhah the Militant was conspicuous among such groups.

Stalcast Bijäl employed kamsudhi mercenaries. They were able to repel Gorcorumbese wizards. Captured Gorcorumbese wizards were interrogated by the kamsudhi mercenaries to divulge their knowledge of titancraft. These kamsudhi warriors formed the basis of what has since become the Aurician Palatine Guard, an elite corps of kamsudhi soldiers, specially trained to use energism in combat and to fight chaos-based powers.

Field Marshal Enrayom Onchese leads the Aurician Grand Army to invade Corundy and expel the Gorcorumbese forces.

A portion of the Grand Army along with Shelekhumbite volunteers and the captured orcs are positioned in southern Khesheph and about to invade the Ephysgæes. The Gorcorumbese have just developed (2585) the Helepolis for defense. The Gorcorumbese propose terms of surrender. Duke Stalcast Bijäl learns of this and not wishing to have his Grand Army wiped out by unknown technology, accepts the Gorcorumbese surrender.

The Treaty of Rhafyx (2586) settled many matters of Fifth Geddamin War, but not all.


Commanders and Advisors



Aurice and Allies

  • Aurician Military (Throvy, Centaur Mercenaries)
  • Zamirian Allies
  • Rhovundian Allies
  • Ithatian volunteers
  • Corundian Dissidents
  • Pastravians
  • Weshifite Allies
  • Orc Mercenaries (small group)


  • Excellent conventional skyforce
  • Excellent land force (Aurician Grand Army)
  • Excellent Cavalry (Aurician Grand Army)
  • Excellent Wizards


  • Some human nations distrust Aurice's motives (Asbardy, Ithatia, Magdala)
  • Brasen Horde to the east
  • Adamantine Giants to the south

Gorcorumb and Allies

  • Gorcorumbese Military
  • Adamantine Geddamin (3.35m+ tall)
  • Uhlaki Horde (enemy of my enemy is my friend)
  • Orcish Levies (forced to fight for Gorcorumb)
  • Human Levies (Ebinóë, Khesheph, Corundy, Shelekhumbia) -- may turn on their masters


  • Excellent Wizards
  • Titancraft War Vessels of Sea and Air
  • Titancraft Artillery
  • Geddamin Warriors are huge 3.25m to 3.5m tall (ca 11' to 12' tall); this can also be a disadvantage against smaller human opponents
  • Titan-arms (Titan Staves)


  • Few Geddamin Combatants -- Must rely on allies
  • Human Subjects despise them
  • Revolt in northwest Weshif drains resources from Gorcorumb's occupation of Corundy
  • Geddamin have fewer numbers as they do not reproduce as frequently as humans
  • Geddamin have very few kamsudhi (psychics) among their number


  • Gorcorumbese agents attempt to cause Centaurs of Streionia to attack Aurician Agogia.
  • Gorcorumbese refrain from using Jykki mercenaries against subjects in revolt at beginning of the war, hoping to win the minds of the humans. But failing this, they bring in Jykki mercenaries in the second half of the war.
  • Gorcorumbese hesitant to fight directly in combat with humans, prefer to use titancraft vessels and artillery
  • Gorcorumbese unwilling to share technology with human conscripts

Technology and Tactics

  • 26th century pre-titancraft sky vessels as used in New Kalikán Empire (Aurician) (Kharrhu-Visha, Aerobarge)
  • Dwarvenfire artillery, firearms, and grenadiers (Aurician)
  • Cavalry (Aurician)
  • titancraft dragonbarges with titancraft artillery (Gorcorumbese)
  • titancraft vessels of sky (Gorcorumbese)
  • titancraft artillery (Gorcorumbese)
  • anti-dwarvenfire magics (Gorcorumbese)
  • Sungotinian prognosticators (principally on human side) (Aurician)
  • Aurician Kamsudhi Brigade (few but elite psychic warriors) (Aurician)
  • Knights-Magi of Aurice (horse mounted warrior wizards) (Aurician)
  • Elite Wizard Corps (Gorcorumbese)
  • 26th century pre-titancraft navy (windships), dwarvenfire artillery (Aurician)
  • Dragomans -- diplomatic officers of the Gorcorumbese, these people were usually subject Ebinóëse humans who spoke Gorcorumbese, Thracian, and their native language.
  • Dragonmount warfare

Chronology of the Fifth Geddamin War

Pre-War Events
  • 2582 Mistmoon (5m) Valley of Vimal Uprising Jaithans revolt against Gorcorumbese Rule; Gorcorumbese Giants slain and expelled from Johaulia, Gorcorumbese Satrap retreats to Ga'th Tashiyra, Gorcorumbese forces besiege Johaulia. Jaithan House Banya excels in leadership in the fight against the Gorcorumbese Giants.
  • Battle of Tishereth, Eshmoon (2m), Gorcorumbese relent and crush rebels in Tishereth, Gorcorumbese Victory
  • Battle of Ummak Strait, Hearthmoon (7m), Aurician Victory
  • Crossing of Strait of Ummak (with support from Aurician Navy and Narshad Defectors)
  • Battle of Qusharya, Threymoon (9m), Aurician Victory (Grand Duke Stalcast gives famous address)
  • Jerushablan Allies
  • Battle of Khesheph, Budmoon (10m), Aurician Victory, Cospians revolt and help Aurice, but are subsequently not liberated. They feel betrayed and dislike Aurice. Some emigrate to Narshad, Jerushabla and elsewhere to avoid repercussions from Gorcorumb.
  • Gorcorumb sues for peace to avoid battle on home turf and opportunity for Auricians to gain more titancraft technology

  • Also battles of the Eloarian Front, Battle of Orlangissa, small conflicts in Shadevan and Agogia


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