Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes

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The flag of the Overlordship of Gorcorumb

The Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes rests in the mountains of central Ambrinqua under the dominion of the Gorcorumbese Geddamin Giants. The official name of the state was and still is the Overlordship of Gorcorumb, but among humans it is common to call the state the Gorcorumbese Empire or the Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes to distinguish it from its historic extent when it ruled Narshad, nearly all of Danona, most of Corundy, and the coasts of the Memnosian Sea. The capital is Shaprashilara Lum. The giants increased their dominion from the mountain valleys by use of titancraft technology sometime after the Third Isbajath (2251 to 2255) liberated the peninsula of Ambrinqua from the power of the the Chaos Ruler, Strakkos Chaos Mage of Ebinóë. The rise and subsequent decline of the Gorcorumbese Empire is part of the history of the Geddamin Wars and it played a critical part of the geopolitics of the Pallathantic Region during the twenty sixth century. The fledgling Aurician Empire under the leadership of Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl led a coalition of human states to defeat the expansion of the Gorcorumbese Giants and their allies and liberate human states from their dominion in the Fifth Geddamin War. To this day, the Ebinóëse and Cospian humans of Ambrinqua are subject to Gorcorumbese dominion. There are many organizations and movements abroad pushing for their liberation. Gorcorumb itself has not made any imperial aggression in the Pallathantic Region for over a hundred years.

The eparchies of the Gorcorumbese Empire in Ambrinqua

Gorcorumb possesses Spledor, a major colony in southern Orrhymby to the north of the Aurician colony of Bijälenland. The colony is critical for its extraction of the rare earth substance known as panox, which is essential for the operation of most titancraft vessels and engines. Gorcorumb also has a smaller colony in the New World.

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