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:[[Elaksund the Conqueror]], life 1228 to 1262, invader of Bryndyd, settles Asbard Clans in southern Rhaunvia, emigrates from Jamenth
:[[Elaksund the Conqueror]], life 1228 to 1262, invader of Bryndyd, settles Asbard Clans in southern Rhaunvia, emigrates from Jamenth
:[[Elaksund II]] {{icon|sovereign}}, life, 1274 to 1287, king 1278 to 1299, minority 1274 to 1295, reigned in his own right 1295 to 1299; grandson of Elaksund the Conqueror; deposed by [[Brugo the Bastard]]
:[[Elaksund II]] {{icon|sovereign}}, life, 1274 to 1287, king 1278 to 1299, minority 1274 to 1295, reigned in his own right 1295 to 1299; grandson of Elaksund the Conqueror; deposed by [[Brugo the Bastard]]
:[[Elikiphris]], 6th century Ebinóëse Philospher whose teachings formed the basis of [[High Mandonism]]
:[[Emsiadheal dhailg Dealdha Struiagha]], 1087 to 1146, Ambrasianist Reformer
:[[Emsiadheal dhailg Dealdha Struiagha]], 1087 to 1146, Ambrasianist Reformer
:[[Enosh Ranockus]] {{icon|incsaint}} (Incarnandist Saint and Missionary)
:[[Enosh Ranockus]] {{icon|incsaint}} (Incarnandist Saint and Missionary)

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This page was first created 2016 April 9 and includes many previously linked pages of individual persons that have not been created yet. Not all unmade pages before this time are referenced below. From this time forth, all new links to unmade pages for all persons should be cross-referenced here. As soon as the page is created, the reference below should be removed from the list. This list does not include persons outside of the world of Asdar narrowly defined. For example, persons from the World of Joturnia are not included here.

List of Uncreated Individual Person Pages

Aborujwajwe the Svilmidir-Slayer, 12th century, Jaffgorn Giant chieftain defeats Golviaril Dynasty army in 1127 at the Battle of the Frost Lords
Açësman I founder of Açësmani Dynasty, 24th century Zarajove
Adras Charrusi Author Aurician Historian, floruit ca 2590
Aiachourn dhal Cavadhin Jaffbarrow, son of sixth seneschal of Gaherlus, Asbardy; born 2701 AI
Aigueadal dhailg Bardinda Threvandusil Author author of Brief History of the Knights-Templar of Arathrax, 2703
Alabast ennekhá Gaskondain Balacha Author author of the Combat of Airdred, late 2300's
Alabastrain Serimbojo, Aurician General/Khamilûk active during the Adamantine Wars
Aldeison Zanktivaji (First Baron of House Zanktivaji)
Amasgus Galdimese, First Lord Governor-General of Aurice, 2628 to 2630
Ambarcadhal the Sun-Sheathed, 1082 to 1152, Ambrasianist Reformer and early Saint of the Ambrasian Reformation
Ambrew Hask Author author of Galdimesan Discretion and the Senatorial Supermajority, 2671
Ambry Damagreal I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 2249 to 2253, Re-Establishment of Knights-Templar of Arathrax
Ambry Bomagal Golden-Child: reigned 1019 to 1036, second ruler of Golviaril Dynasty, successor to Ambry Reagal the Righteous.
Ambry Reagal the Righteous: reigned 1007 to 1019, First Ruler of Golviaril Dynasty overthrows rule of Harmiathil Dynasty (ruled 986 to 1007, about 21 years) in battle over years of 1006 to 1007. He was called righteous for defeating the Harmiathils who were widely regarded as Kalikán Puppets. In 1012, he invited centaurs from Asdauria to settle in southeast Pytharnia (Ambrulia) as mercenaries to protect the eastern front.
Ankhura-Sin Senior chaos priest of the Kaiwakkha Shaluspahi, lived 6,249 AS to 6,152 AS (~97 years), ruler of Aturoksha in very ancient Kalama
Aodhaive dalg Aodhaiva dalg Aodhaiva Kes (inmate of Ulmorra)
Aoihaive Crown of Magdala, 1657 to 1671, King of Magdala, Obandian Dynasty, successor to Smac Tigiaoin
Araddŵrcha Myddŵliagowr, reigned 1575 to 1598 as sorcerer-king of Medibgö, founder of Myddŵliagowr Dynasty
Arfagachadraig of Blamffa Amyrnite Magico-philosopher, b 2357, d 2432, performed experiments in around 2389
Ariagse Queen of Erserce Chaos Ruler, Queen of Erserce, perpetually cloaked in a cloud of white pigeons, vassal to Prince Ulcanov
Arjidh Gancha: Vimalian archivist and researcher at the Library of Mirrhaimo, ca 390 AI
Arriudh the Doughty, last ruler of Deavingeal Dynasty, life 1082 to 1137, reigns 1121 to 1137
Ashazya the Black Opal Chaos Ruler (Chaos Ruler of Narshad, Slain in the Second Isbajath)
Asthubir umba Kasffarig Author wrote travel guide Best Hotels and Inns of Amyrn and its Countryside, 2714
Azbulihan ikib Asulimaana Author Dagaithi author of Azbulihan's Guide to Djinn of Weshif, 2421
Azhithaya Bakthi: female Vimalian Poet Philosopher, 1230 AS
Azumazikor Author Midretassene Philosopher of the fifth century (400's)
Ba'akh kab Sha'adh Sovereign Ruler, present King of Oliblish, born 2677
Badruno Nikriasi, Lord Governor-General of Aurice, 2740 to 2742 and 2746 to 2748
Baduzuk ishbiz Iposhish Author Ithradic Dwarven author of the Artifacts of the Age of Fire and Ice, 2416
Bahtjaihi Shaksha Gorcorumbese Giant, Meheri (House Wizard) of House Shaksha
Balgaf the Stalwart Arathracian Saint (Arathracian Saint)
Balibri Charragur The Rhionian inventoress of the proto-pangraph, over the years 2665 to 2672, in Estyo-Rhe.
Bambashiryanda Pharuthajhanya Author Vimalian scholar and writer, life 2272 to 2348, studied by Saddhya Ghuna
Bambdringot the Pure, Sunfather of Pytharnia in the eleventh century
Barddowyn (Mythical son of Kiall and Sinanda)
Bardinth V Arathracian Sunfather Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 2448 to 2461, Concordat of Ddwbha
Basballast SulkhamidisAuthor Thracian author of Thracian Royal Colonies of the Southern Hemisphere, published 2511
Basgáddin the Conqueror, founder of the First Kalikán Empire
Basgúndin Basgólund Kudav (Thracian Triumvirate)
Bealodh dalwe Firline Nuchtor (inmate of Ulmorra)
Bhindala Sovereign Ruler, founder of the Vindalian Dynasty, 8035 to 7821, during the Gurshur Kingdom of Ancient Kalama
Bisvaçür, first sultan of the Bisvaçürite Dynasty, reigned 1972 to
Braffgrum of Amyrn, donator of the Braffgrum Ancuvetácodh
Brâg Déwsin, last sorcerer-king, 1254 to 1276, of the Kwäsgö Dynasty, sent into exile as a result of the Amalgubiog Rebellion, 1273 to 1281
Bragand dhal Ithraig Author Asbardian Author of Asbard War Dragons (Book), 2613
Braiskoive, last ruler of Ontigurian Dynasty, 1687 to 1692
Brallanantis Adzurkis, Pytharnian of Ithatian extraction, made Idhan Oga in 2382 by Davaglewb I Crown of Magdala of Magdala; descendant of Lady Thedactis Adzurkis
Brayand Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Saint and Arch-Apostle)
Brugo the Bastard Sovereign Ruler, life 1260 to 1312, King of the Asbards, reigned 1299 to 1312, deposes and slays Elaksund II
Bryddw Isladbain Crown of Magdala, third ruler of Llyffclavian Dynasty, reigned 2336 to 2353, begins construction of Palace of the Imperial Diet of Magdala
Cambadheal I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 1751 to 1766
Caphicain the Gawdy, vizier of Selukyal I of Jerushabla, and subsequent ruler of Jerushabla
Captain Shumzab, a tis'baja of the Fifth Isbajath who was slain by Prince Ulcanov
Caspain dhal Daghoidhe Thiga dhaila Ithraig Author writer of Early Arathracian Priest-Kings, 2468
Chambillian: Gorcorumbese magic practitioner, arcanophysicist, ca 2320 AI
Corridhean I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 1907 to 1929
Corridhean II Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 2044 in exile, seduced by an Aio; subsequently disprized
Cosfa dalg Achumne Bangrin Author author of Ebercus Papyrus as a Typological Forerunner of the Book of Manic Devotions, 2653
Count Svüg Brökn, Medibgóëse (PotE)
Chanduram the Bladewringer, an Aurician senator, outed as a chaos-worshiper and slain, sometime during 2290 to 2477
Chemor ennekhá Didio Shunjimmo Author Aurician historian and folklorist of the late 27th century, known for writing about many subjects, including Skar. Author of Remembrances of our Antique Customs, 2692
Daffach dalg Fiogaile Sfarrahersa (inmate of Ulmorra)
Dagwrffräwlis the Chary, ca early 1200's, father of Omandral Sorcerer King
Dalgorondo, ca late 2400's, poet, wrote Arandala in Medibgóëse in 2481
Darigor Host of the Dead, ca 2050 AI, Shelekhumbia
Davaglewb I Crown of Magdala of Magdala
Dayash Thushabin, ruled ? to 2563, Overlord of Gorcorumb
Deelah Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Saint and Arch-Apostle)
Dewalin Incarnandist Saint Pytharnian Incarnandist Saint
Dida the Ecstatic, a would-be Juffa who was slain by Prince Ulcanov
Dikolomon, Ithatian Philosopher, b 211 to d 289
Diomaive Triadeimot, architect of the Gubernatorial Palace of Aurice, 2581, which was then Palace Bijäl
Dyasa Chaspavut Ersercese Incarnandist Commander during the Fourth Isbajath
Dymoleus, 108 AS to 37 AS, Ebinóëse Mystic
Dhaulan Gruvil Author Corundian author of Cospian Memoirs, 2715
Echeadh dhal Tuicha Grascurg, Asbardian archeologer, flourished ca 2720 AI
Eidadh IV Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Elaksund the Conqueror, life 1228 to 1262, invader of Bryndyd, settles Asbard Clans in southern Rhaunvia, emigrates from Jamenth
Elaksund II Sovereign Ruler, life, 1274 to 1287, king 1278 to 1299, minority 1274 to 1295, reigned in his own right 1295 to 1299; grandson of Elaksund the Conqueror; deposed by Brugo the Bastard
Elikiphris, 6th century Ebinóëse Philospher whose teachings formed the basis of High Mandonism
Emsiadheal dhailg Dealdha Struiagha, 1087 to 1146, Ambrasianist Reformer
Enosh Ranockus Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Saint and Missionary)
Enrayom the Cantiran, composer of The Bath Times of Lord Ulcanov, 2591 to 2663, premiered 2649; collaborated with Tmaru Vazancha
Ephresoult the Dreadful Chaos Ruler (Chaos Vassal of Prince Ulcanov)
Eredhean I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 1096 to 1117, re-introduces practice of solification, has Galbry I solfied, 1099
Eriphirve Odrig, Archpatriarchy of Numiria, founding father of the League of Corundy
Erithragal II Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Erithragal III Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Eriwerg of the Passions, rule 2087 to 2133, Sorceress-Queen of Magnamgiéws; usually levitating in a state of orgasmic ecstasy
Errhus Ithatian composer and reciter of the Isxinthion Hymns, ca 600 AS
Eukept (Ithatian Philosopher) b 208 to d 276
Fairtha dhailge Carrasiave Taha: Asbardian Archeologer ca 2500, known for excavating the Taha Ossuaries
Fastorn Khamjur, Lieutenant Governor-General, 2749-2751
Ffáddgiol I (Medibgóëse Emperor, Founder of Smallfalgö Dynasty)
Fihearn I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Fihearn II Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, solified Agostoph of Delesphao in 1579.
Fimba of Blamffa, 1053 to 1133, Pre-Reformer Heliolatrous Scholar of Amyrn
Fólmagal I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 1014 to 1025, Solified 1137, Bardinth I, Fólmagaline Principle
Folmagal the Well-Blooded, champion of Titney the Magnificent Pest
Folmagaliag Ironheart: rules 1094 to 1103, first ruler of Deavingeal Dynasty who defeats Golviarils in war, 1092 to 1094.
Gaffilain Greahon, Margrave of Amosgire, ca 2740
Galbry Fólmagal I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Galbry Fólmagal II Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 2485 to 2514
Galbry Fólmagal III Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Gämunk Hasunk Thracian Viceroy, Thracian Viceroy of Magdala, 2565 to 2571, expelled by revolt in 2571 Gallimoon
Gander Zorundeen Author historian, author of Zorundeen's History of Shelekhumbia, 2345
Garaladh I Crown of Magdala, second ruler of Ontigurian Dynasty, King of Magdala, 1483 to 1497, successor to Llawffagain I
Gausya Ashubh, 27th century Vimalian inventor of the pangraph
Gerrick Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Saint and Arch-Apostle)
Gioadh I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Glittering Nesilivo Spawn of AmonthraceChaos Ruler ruler of southwest Corundy, vassal of Prince Ulcanov
Goghmisidh dhailg Hambailan, 1098 to 1165, Ambrasianist Reformer
Girhain Witch-King Sovereign Ruler, defeated in 5th century Battle of Curchása (415 AI)
Griovain Llyffclaw (leader of League of Pytharnian in GSW, father of Medibglame Llyffclaw)
Grubello "Grubellos": Midretassene arcanophysicist, 390 AI
Gryvant the Blue Incarnandist Saint, 1317 to 1384, Incarnandist Saint, Missionary to Barathorn, active ca. 1370
Gwämbysin of the Throes rule 2079 to 2171, Chaos Ruler of Mügankva
Hemirth I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Helioponktis Kaddiaks Author Scholar, Mirrhaimot Librarian, lived x to 2739
Hespaz Tajusi, Lord Governor-General of Aurice, 2743 to 2745
Hespeich borna Nasffa of Blamffa, Gonfalese Historian, 2600's
Himnazmáth kath Mahirutha, Acting Incarnandina up to 2727, b 2674, Incarnandina ascensa, 2727
Hisphaytha Guhth: b 2479, d 2537, aka Hisphaytha kath Layma, Incarnandina, known for several prophecies
Honcha dhal Cumdha Iaircha Author author of Funerary and Civil Monuments of the Arathracians, 2376
Iaphantissa Daianantiskaia of Zander Author published Daianantiskaian History of Ancient Thykomia in 1632; drawn from many ancient sources, the author also visited all of the major Thykomian sites discusses and several minor ones; she also compared consensus knowledge to knowledge obtained by speaking with the dead
Iblaigath dhal Dwail Midhir Author Asbardian author of Asbardian Revolt against Thrace 2646, Asbards in the Battle of Pytharnia 2640
Iff dalg Kiabuirre Bangrin Author Pytharnian author of Incarnandist Siege of Trevirs, 2592
Igäddíon Gnas, life 1222 to 1301, founder of the Gnas Dynasty
Igmurn Asgabin Tutha (Medibgóëse Founder of Agabin Tutha Dynasty)
Illyartha the Inscrutable Giantess Chaos Ruler, lesser chaos ruler in Pytharnia, sometimes vassal to Lord Kualotha
Imalya kath Besheth, Th’ughiya of the Eighth Isbajath
Iodrimidd umba Lowths Bähu, 1102 to 1161, Ambrasianist Reformer, Medibgösk Noble
Iphanas of Sephri of Sephri, Ancient Ithatian Philosopher of Energism and Magic
Iphimba (Incarnandist Saint) Incarnandist Saint: an Incarnandist Saint and child who was slain by Prince Ulcanov
Ishbiz Radzhawdin, a notable Sardichite, namesake of the main Dragonrail Station in Sardeichs
Isladborn the Aio, aka Isladborn III, imposter ruler and last ruler in name of the Smalffalgö Dynasty of Medibgö, slain 2083 in the War of the Champions of Smalffalgö, 2079 to 2085
Ladrin Isahearg: Yophenthean Ladrin (General Commander) at the Battle of Danallo, 469 AI.
Israbif ikib Imkhir (Father of Ammudiyn the Seer, Brother to Aasulam)
Itchka the Pestilent Chaos Ruler (chaos ruler of Oorob Zamay, defeated in First Isbajath)
Ithraig of Bantaffa Arathracian Saint, Arathracian Saint of fourteenth century
Ithravaine Espruga: ca 2609, donator of the Espruga Letters to the Archcollege of the Yoise in 2609.
Izhmakya Udanta (Satrap of Kurundiya)
Izruul Demonfriend Chaos Ruler (Chaos Ruler of Brandolphi, besieged in Ambrew’s Isbajath)
Jahera kath Shaqtirah Incarnandina, second Incarnandina, daughter of Shaqtirah
Jairutthala Sovereign Ruler, semi-legendary king of ancient Kalama
Jaland ikb Z'ehlim, 1259 to 1323, founder of Jalandi sect of Imzaha
Jardo Galdimese, Lord Governor-General of Aurice, 2749 to 2751
Jazyal kab Sha’adh, Harubeel of the Eighth Isbajath
King Jehmushal kab Selukyal Sovereign Ruler, b 2284, regnavit 2310 to x; First King of Oliblish, anointed by Besheth kath Miyanikhiya
Jhatta ennekhá Danakh Author Throvian author of Aurician Sky Politics in Agogia, 2689
Jijath Lord of the Slithering Vine Chaos Ruler Arch-Priest of Errignomon, ruler of northwest Corundy, vassal of Prince Ulcanov
Kamunthára Kalihárund Ikavo (Thracian Triumvirate)
Kaptrona of Dadaë the Necromancer Author commonly known as Kaptrona the Necromancer, attribution for the work known as Kaptrona's Book of the Undead, 2372
Karuthaya, ancient, mythical Kalaman dated to roughly 8700 AS and namesake of the Flood of Karuthaya
Keasa, the legendary mortal Moigthe mother of the demi-mortal Amosgirts by the god Smidgurt
Kegalfin of GnambhChaos Ruler (Chaos Vassal of Bexaloth, slain in Seventh Isbajath)
Kemer, legendary forefather of the Kemerite Giants
Keoidh Crown of Magdala, Ontigurian King of Magdala, 38 year long rule, reigned 1530 to 1568
Khabari Gringshabz Chaos Ruler (Chaos Priest Ruler of the Dagunyami)
Khabur, created First Lord of Sky, 2538 AI
Khamilúk Sahantuvarvophe Midiankumir, Thracian commander of late 25th century, drives Dagunyami into the north
Khalidzhé of Sakha ca 2745, unofficial leader of dwarven district of Aurice, suspected mafioso
Khalos the Unlucky, Thracian minor aristocrat, member of House Bijäl, 21st Century
Khahoner (Patriarch of the Khahonrites)
Kharedokhos the Oneiromancer, a Shelekhumbian Prophet-Missionary who brought the Cult of Ugamios to Maturn during the Middle Ages of Chaos
Khomrava Upphursha, leader of the Dúrandworese Isbajath
Khubbizyal kab Shumzab (Tisbaja of the First Isbajath)
Kulibud ennekhá Tagom Jhelba, Throvian Commoner, Pamnest, 1417 to 1489
Laugyathund shaml'Auranksh, leader of Laugyathund's Isbajath, 2370 to 2372
Ligmathya Shapphujhanya Author Tassan scholar of many subjects of deep antiquity, including the Flood of Aturyanda and the Jahambuttha
Lio Zanktivaji, son of Aurician House Zanktivaji (Dragonmarrow), Medibgóëse-trained wizard, junior (PotE)
Liohaigrim I Crown of Magdala, King of Magdala, third king of Obandian Dynasty, 1497 to 1518, successor to Garaladh I
Liyath Ajibalith (Tisbaja of the First Isbajath)
Llamgathsukba of the Beasts Chaos Ruler (Chaos Ruler of Amyrn), reigned 2257 to 2398
Llawffagain I Crown of Magdala (First King of Magdala)
Llowcha 'mba Aínb Kaspaíniü Author author of Kaspaíniü's Grammar of High Medibgóëse, 2562
Llwb Llugkachär, third ruler and second sorcerer-king of Gnas Dynasty, ruled 1317 to ? as Sorcerer-King of Medibgö
Llŵmbo the Scintillant rule 2293 to 2387, Chaos Ruler of Mäddglows
Madiros Zamidigo Author author of Hermeneutics of the Lygdamionic Cantos , 2537
Mahirutha kath Rashiyath Incarnandina, Incarnandina, born 2642, Incarnandina x to 2727, daughter Himnazmáth was Acting Incarnandina for the last years of Mahirutha's life
Mahrimaz ikib Ammudiyn (Son of Ammudiyn, father of Sulimakhub, first Zehlib of Shagrela’al)
Manshu the Spell-strong of Aturoksha, powerful wizard who established a school of wizardry in the Tamukh Dynasty, 2323 As to 2210 AS
Masdalikkan Khucha (Leader of Commoner Revolt in 2574 in Thrace), slain 2575 as part of revolt
Mayadrun the Skyfast Sovereign Ruler, life 1251 to 1278, reigned 1262 to 1278, King of the Asbards and Lord of Bryndyd
Meadhruin the Weary Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 1997 to 2014 in exile
Meidberg Tulbasewllorn, Lady Meidberg, Medibgóëse noble who created Meidberg's Fantastic Chest, flourished in the early 2300's
Meibddraig borna Graín Syllwigch Author Gonfalese author of the Annals of Amyrn, 1670
Medibglame I Crown of Magdala, First Emperor of Llyffclavian Dynasty of Magdala, reigned 2574 to 2587, crowned in 2587 AI in Gallimoon (12) [Spring]; Recognized as Emperor in 2587; 2587 Congress of Bryndyd
Medibglame II Crown of Magdala, Second Emperor of Llyffclavian Dynasty of Magdala, reigned 2587 to 2636; 2589 grants charter of the Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia; established Royal Trevirs, 2613; 2621 charters the Dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia, 2623, grants special sovereign status to the Archguild.
Medibglame III Crown of Magdala, Third Emperor of Llyffclavian Dynasty, reigned 2636 to 2672, Sewdhaine War, 2653 to 2671; remodeling of the Palace of the Imperial Diet of Magdala
Mehailgisionneabh Sovereign Ruler ca 400 AS (First High King of the Moigthe)
Mekarna Bijäl (wife to Stalcast Bijäl) of House Ullingama, mother of Vast and Rhungast
Saint Melíbdë the Barren Incarnandist Saint Author , 2497 to 2560, Incarnandist Saint, Founder of Melibdean Order, author of the Outpouring
Metropolitan Oleffaird Cassidari, Aurician Metropolitan (PotE)
Midrid Cassidari
Midrethgourn Cassidari, father of Oleffaird Cassidari
Myddarddowyn (Legendary King of the Parkyons)
Neptessor of Ixiot, Necromancer, ca 2050, author of Neptessor's Book of the Undead
Nesbriana of Agogia, Agogian revolutionary leader
Oband I Crown of Magdala (King of Magdala, founder of Obandian Dynasty)
Ogohond half-giant leader of the five Moigthe tribes at the Battle of Danallo, 469
Oleffaird Cassidari, adoptive father to Midrid Cassidari
Olim Kebisot (Ebinóëse Mage Philosopher and writer), born 2570, died 2654, wrote Principles of Fundamental Polycosmology in 2618
Orincha Hakhtim, Aurician Khamilúk known for brilliant victory that ended the (First?) Adamantine War
Parrubya Shand, Gorcorumbese
Paphutaikim of Tiruna, leader of Paphutaikim's Isbajath, 2286 to 2288
Phancambeal the Valiant Arathracian Saint (Arathracian Saint)
Pirrhaig Bragdathauch, Pytharnian lord who led expedition to Skaligdæ under Thracian flag in late 2400's
Prankshabh Golguptra: ca 1240 AS, Vimalian magic practitioner, father of arcanophysics
Prince-Governor Hadmurn, second Medibgóëse Governor of Aurice,2485 to 2493, (b 2441, d 2507)
Prince-Governor Llewchobrag Fourth Medibgóëse Governor of Aurice, 2501 to 2507, dies 2507 in Battle of Giaddirs (2507) against Vankkagomir
Prince-Governor Sväluska Third Medibgóëse Governor of Aurice, 2493 to 2501
Prince-Governor Tigbö, (b 2416, d 2485) first Medibgóëse Governor of Aurice, 2477 to 2485
Psaleimo Khupraskalos, author of the 27th century, High Arathracian Ossuaries
Qahzher of Zanqir, Jykki Pirate, active ca. 2595 to 2619
Ra'esel kab Naphug Author author of the Glamsagin Chronicle, ca 2290's, primary source for the Fifth Isbajath
Ramoprast, flourished late 2500's, Aurician pioneer in development and adaptation of Titancraft technology, namesake of Ramoprastine College of Applied Titancraft
Rhabufel I Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Rhabufel IV Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 1867 to 1872
Rhäfiach I, House Dvasfaga, sorcerer-king, 883 to 922, of Medibgö, founder of Dvasfaga Dynasty
Rhäfiach V, Sorcerer-King of Medibgö, Dvasfaga Dynasty, reigned 1001 to 1033, established the early Thörewgas in 1003,
Rhäfiach of Medibgö, born 923, dies 962; marries Eriwerg; son of Rhäfiach III and father of Rhäfiach IV whom he predeceased. Dvasfaga Dynasty of Medibgö, 10th century.
Rhapsarck Llyffclaw Crown of Magdala (present Emperor of Magdala)
Rheigluma dalg Pirrhaiga Kes, Magdalan Wizard (PotE)
Rhewllercha, first ruler of the Kwäsgö Dynasty, sorcerer-king of Medibgö, 1066 to 1095; marries Sirrhafa Örria who helps him defeat her divorced husband, Meibdercha II
Rhochuveal Crown of Magdala, last king of Obandian Dynasty, ruler of Magdala, 1812 to 1833
Saba Voçan, High Phœnissa of Aurice
Safry III, exile sunfather, lived in Safrigine Palace, in Rhafyx, ruled 2045 to 2049
Sage Basmeath
Sahelmith dalg Iaibhe Umanla Pamnest, 2627 to 2669, executed under Medibglame III
Sahundu Umbisha (Satrap of Madratasya)
Salisha jhaña Gabila (2217 b to 2284 d), Paimbalist who vowed the Isbajath of the Penitents, 2265 to 2267
Salishaim kab T’amunyal, slayer of Varyaz, Fourth Isbajath
Samaddail Braiwve, Prince-Governor of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy.
Sambardos of Hephalion: Ebinóëse magic practitioner, arcanophysicist, flourished 240 AI
Samoyat Rhaurvace Aurician politico and mafioso, 28th century
Samyrna the Wake-Maid housemaid and keeper to Prince Ulcanov, woke his bodily organs in the morning with a bell
Saret ishbiz Wabdaz Tschamtschakhin, Ithradic dwarf, invented sparkless in 2664 as part of the Sewdhaine War
Sephrimos Maturnian Alchemist, namesake of the Sephrimic Institute of Advanced Alchemy
King Sha'adh kab Shazah 'As'waluma, b 2649, d 2718
Shandam Manshuyanda: Vimalian magic practitioner, lecturer, ca 1210 AS
Sihaoirn dalwe Ithravaine Tamba-Sluaidh AuthorPytharnian female Author, 2600's, of Middle-Ages of Pytharnia: From the Fall of Yophénthë to the Isbajutha (Book)
Sirrhafa Örria, ca. 1050 to 1100 AI, Sorceress-Queen of Medibgö, wife to Meibdercha II and later to Rhewllercha
Count Semberzio Vajisi (2578 to 2647), founder of Aurician Skyforce College
Smac Tigiaoin Crown of Magdala (~47 year long rule as King of Magdala), reigned 1610 to 1657, Ontigurian Dynasty
Smadvin the Dragonheart (Smadvin Tregil, commander of the Knights-Templar of Arathrax, in the Sixth Isbajath, writer of Smadvin’s Men; Corundian heritage)
Smalig Bragona Crown of Magdala, Ruler of Magdala, reigned 2493 to 2506, sole ruler of his dynasty
Smealgiadh dhal Omirra Disith Author Asbardian author of Asbardian Ballads of the Trooskan War, published 2638
Souphikyan of the Djinn (Champion of the Djinn, slain during an Isbajath)
Stalcastrain Calchamas, fourth Lord Governor-General of Aurice.
Strenomus Zelkeskevri, Durandworese titancraft engineer and researcher, discoverer of panmagical fusion, supporter of Pytharnian Revolution
Strundo Galdimese, third Lord Governor-General of Aurice, 2632 to 2633
Subhya Rachyajhazya Babwahudra, Kalaman-trained Wizard, (PotE), Vimalian Wizard attire (not traditional Medibgóëse), modern times/ca 2745
Sulmayand the Valiant (Leader of the Isbajath of his namesake)
Shaythphar the Chronologer Author Oliblishi historian who wrote Shaythphar's History of Oliblish, ca 2480
Shazah Puzzutha kab Sha'adh, born 2679, second son of King Ba'akh of Oliblish, husband to Incarnandina Himnazmáth kath Mahirutha, father of Shazibáth kath Himnazmáth
Shazuqyar kab Ba'akh, son of King Ba'akh of Oliblish, heir apparent, born 2707
Shayubhyal kab Sha'adh, born 2683, third son of King Ba'akh, youngest brother to King Ba'akh of Oliblish.
Shilsháth Ummutha kath Shalibáth, ca early 1200's, Jerushablan mother of Omandral Sorcerer-King
Shadirya kath She'eseleth Incarnandina, first Incarnandina born in Oliblish
Shammukh of Giryatha Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Missionary and Saint)
Shannadh Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Saint and Arch-Apostle)
Shanjubyal I Sovereign Ruler, ancient King of the Khahonrites
Shazibáth kath Himnazmáth youngest daughter of Incarnandina Presumptiva, born 2709
Sheaharra dalg Ambriga Aoishraim, Magdalan General active during the revolutionary period
She'eseleth kath Besheth Incarnandina, Incarnandina during Isbajutha, assassinated
Shemun of Sungo: author of the Book of the Tamdari, ca 870
S’abubyal kab T’ehub first harubeel to Fourth Isbajath, slain in 2260, Battle of the Children of Varyaz
S'ephah kab Shaykhul father of Gidhoniel, gave exhortations called Exhortations of S'ephah kab Shaykhul, 2275; husband to Miyanikhiya, Tisbaja of the First Isbajath
Talamona Crown of Magdala, 1568 to 1569, Ruler of Magdala, during Obandian Dynasty, Magdisuman Priestess Regent
Talaqin the Moonshirker, Human Pirate, ca 2500's
Taliasich Glalla-Bawriagch Author 25th century, Medibgóëse Author of history, Relics of Airdairg, 2419, Witch-kings of High Pytharnia, 2429,
Talban VII (present Emperor of Medibgö)
Tallewgdraig umba Ddun Serigwdda, Gonfalese wizard, (PotE)
Tambrigal II Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Tambrigal III Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 2351 to 2359, Great Tambrigaline Concordat with Oliblish, 2357
Tambrigal the Mighty Arathracian Saint (Arathracian Saint)
Tamerakh (Dwarven Inventor of the Chronometer)
Tanchala I, 7,453 AS to 7,445 AS, (~8), founder of the Ithwa-Tanchalese Dynasty
Tanjihu Izuvanksha (Gzhamuha of Gorcorumb (Sky Admiral))
Taoilanth dhailg Leiochio, lived 1096 to 1158, High Priest of Amyrn, reigned as Archpatriarch of Amyrn, 1137 to 1158
Taphithiya of Aurice Author author of Legend of Saint Gidhoniel, ca 2400's
Taskorrhion Sovereign Ruler, ruler of Maturn in the eighth century before Salmakhamer
Tasmagut, first sultan of Zarajove, began reign in 1671
Tauhan I Sovereign Ruler, Ancient King of the Khahonrites
Tehairnisionneabh Sovereign Ruler ca late 400 AS (Second High King of the Moigthe), successor to Mehailgisionneabh. The Collapse of the High Kingdom follows the death of Tehairnisionneabh
Tehaspir dhailg Arriuidh, life 1105 to 1179, last heir to Deavingeal Dynasty, renounces throne, converts (1140) to Ambrasianism, and joins priesthood
Thaulephus of Irdan Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Saint and Arch-Apostle)
Lady Thedactis Adzurkis, 2100's, migrated from Maturn to the Magdalanate; predecessor of Brallanantis Adzurkis
Thiolos Hyrpados: Ithatian magic practitioner, arcanophilosopher, flourished 210 AI
Thrandun Gorgonicus, Metropolitan, appointed Chancellor of the Magitechnic Institute of Aurice in 2748
Theántuvar of the Lions, reigned 1115 to 1127: last ruler of Golviaril Dynasty, kept lions for protection, slain in battle by traitors during battle with lizardfolk.
Threwggercha 'mba Kemiag (First Sorcerer-King of Medibgö)
Thruse Oianchin, self-proclaimed Juffa and member of the Princes of the East
Thséoglam Gomas: Medibgösk Commoner, magic practitioner, arcanophysicist, flourished 420 AI
Thuliocantis the Mirrhaimot, Archontist Mystic (flourished ca 1445), Student of Ibshithion of Shaakhudar
Thyssa Incarnandist Saint (Incarnandist Saint and Arch-Apostle)
Timanthio (Tamithakyah) (Legendary Arch-Titan), thought to be creator of first hyphasmas
Timireadh IV Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather,
Tirrhaglewb of Medibgö Crown of Magdala (Founder of Tirrhaglewvian Dynasty, Ruler of Magdala)
Tirrhaglewb IV Crown of Magdala, King of Magdala, Tirrhaglewvian Dynasty, reigned 2455 to 2492; 2457 Concordat of Ddwbha
Tiullolla the Lizardslayer Chaos Ruler (Chaos Ruler of Amyrn, 2218 to 2255, vassal of Bexaloth)
Tiyuth (Wife of Ammudiyn the Seer)
Tmaru Vazancha, (2583 to 2658), librettist, The Bath-Times of Lord Ulcanov, 2694, collaborated with Enrayom the Cantiran
Tontegal, Duke of Aurice, x to 1637 died, de facto ruler of Aurice.
Tucha dhal Midrevain Niaoibha Author author of Gifts of Modern Titancraft, 2694
Tuk the Waterborne, ca 2520 AI, Gorcorumbese magic practitioner, arcanophysicist
Tulcam the Redoubtable Sovereign Ruler, leader of King Tulcam's Isbajath
Tuvarigrain Kadispällis, Thracian Vice-ducal Governor of Skaligdæ during the Aurician Revolution
Twäserg the Rhamboliant, regent ruler of Medibgö, ruled 1301 to 1317, during minority of Llwb Llugkachär
Uharrand Arathracian Sunfather, Erechórebese Sunfather, reigned 2060 to 2072
Ukhalirya kath Agiya, older sister to Miyanikhiya, thughiya of the Fourth Isbajath
Umajosso of Vilangril, a Juffa pretender who was slain by Prince Ulcanov
Uturnus Uphlos (First Over-King of Midretasso), died 182, he united Midretasso and became overlord
Vädudz Vamudzund Kalikán Crown of Thrace, King of Thrace, ruled to 2523, father of Väduk Vädudzund
Väduk Vädudzund Kalikán Crown of Thrace, King of Thrace, ruled 2523 to 2546, 2539, overthrows domination of First Commander of Thrace, Khamilúk Epavi Khabur
Vastrain Glitmer (Khamilúk of Aurice during Fifth Geddamin War)
Vesto Abbudirz-skevri, Dúrandworese wizard, (PotE)
Vastvar Igoriaco Author 2642 to 2701, author of Legends of the Witchlands
Vishla of Shapuraz (wife to Aturyanda)
Vitrarrig the Somnolent, flourished ca 1670 AI powerful sorcerer who helped found the city of Lugdunia, 1683
Vyasa Chaspavut, successor harubeel to the Fourth Isbajath
Wanwaya kath Safaya Author historian, author of Foundations of the Oliblishi Kingdom, 2527; Jerushabla and the Isbajutha, 2519
Yague the Blamffan Author author of Yague's Chronology, 683, thirty three books, elaborate account of the pre-literate immigration of the Moigthe into Pytharnia
Yaven Calchamas, second Lord Governor-General of Aurice, 2631 to 2633, assassinated in 2632 by Amísbë Almikkis
Saint Yusivailt the Dragonslayer Arathracian Saint, Arathracian Saint said to have slain a dragon in Asbardy in the 1200's at a site subsequently called Saint Yusivailt's Rock.
Zafayat Shadammut Priest of Orclanx, half brother to Samoyat Rhaurvace
Zalia Talinibli, author, explorer, Tassan, 2597 to 2668, writer of Islands of Desolation about her exploration of the periphery of the Throe Wastes
Zaphus the Pious, a djinni who led a coup (1287 AI) against Omandral Sorcerer King
Zarzudio (Incarnandist Saint) Incarnandist Saint: an Incarnandist Saint who was slain by Prince Ulcanov
Z'ayimáth kath Shazáth Pa'yóth Incarnandina, life 1235 to 1313, ascended 1269, Incarnandina, resides in Jerushabla
Zayomundo, mythical antediluvian titan who was said to have founded Addinoro (Aturoksha)
Zerekos of the Insane Machine (Geddamin, Autonomous Ruler of the Adamantine Giants, Slain in the Petitioners’ Isbajath)
Zerfuke, 1232 to 1293, Aurician Mage Senator installed during the reign of Omandral Sorcerer King
Zhamü the Ecstatic (Ruler of southwestern Danona, slain in the Eleventh Isbajath)
Zhulkaraim commander in service to Ishmutekebessa
Zihera kath Z’alulah (Incarnandist Th'ugiya of the Seventh Isbajath)
Zioto Skiandrigo Archpatriarch of Aurice of Arathracian Church, flourished in the 2300's, memorialized with a riven in Aurice
Zudhayal kab S'ephah (joint slayer of Varyaz, Son of S'ephah kab Shaykhul and Miyanikhiya, older brother to Gidhoniel kab S'ephah)
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