Sovereign Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia

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Based in Pytharnia and the South Jaggudorns, the Sovereign Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia emerged after the Great Sky War in 2589 and exerted greater and greater control over titancrafters in Pytharnia and especially the Empire of Magdala where the Emperor granted the Archguild much autonomy over guildmembers throughout the Empire in 2623. In this year, the Archguild began to be called the 'Sovereign' Archguild. Thrain and Medibgö cooperated as well. The dwarven states had their own state-sponsored guilds for titancraft and accepted the controls of the Dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia which was granted charters by the nations of southern Pytharnia. The Dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia (DDGP) in principle was subject to the Sovereign Archguild of Titancrafters.

The Archguild requires its members to keep all knowledge of titancraft they learned through the guild secret and proprietary. The imperial charter given to the guild empowers it to enforce its regulations as a kind of internal government and police force. The Archguild is often at odds with the Aurician Empire and even with the government of the Empire of Magdala. Aurice and its corpora mercia do not have a tight, cartel-like authority over titancraft activities.

The Archguild directs and controls numerous guilds that develop, service, and manufacture titancraft technology, including the Dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia. In practice, the power of the Dwarven Dragonrail Guild and the cross-influence of the two organizations made them equal in dignity and they cooperate as a cartel, despite rivalry of officers for power between the two organizations.

The Archguild holds the most power within the following states: Empire of Magdala, Kingdom of Thrain, Empire of Medibgö, Medibgóëse Gonfaloy, Medibgóëse Kasthavia


Officers of the Sovereign Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia are immune to principate law, a benefit which is the cause of much discontent between regular citizens and the Archguild. Officers of SAMTP are subject to imperial law and may be subject to laws created by treaty between the Empire and other states. Officers are not immune to ecclesiastical laws of imperially recognized institutions. In practice, SAMTP often defers to the local jurisdiction. The power of SAMTP to punish its members for revealing secrets of titancraft technology is rarely if ever yielded and members who violate the Archguild's laws are punished if caught by the Archguild itself.

Jurisdiction over Titancrafters

It is recognized by most or all governments of southern Pytharnia and its members enjoy a kind of extraterritoriality within the states of southern Pytharnia. Most notably, the archguild is not recognized by the Aurician Empire (Noble Republic of Aurice). Aurician CMa are free from the constraints with the SAMTP places on CMa of Pytharnia. This causes some strain between titancrafters of Aurice and of Pytharnia. Both are places under restrictions of how they can disseminate their knowledge, but the members of the SAMTP are much more controlled. In practice in Pytharnia, a titancrafter must be a member of the SAMTP in order to work as such and receive employment by any legitimate CM. However, the titancrafters of the military units of Pytharnian governments are the main exception according to the treaty of charter. These titancrafters are not subject to the SAMTP and are subject to the laws of the state and military where they serve.

Titancrafters from outside the nations with agreements with SAMTP must register their presence whenever they visit such countries. Some titancrafters simply choose not to register at all to avoid the headache for future visits. If caught, they can be fined or imprisoned or both. Their names are recorded for future reference. The loophole, however, is that SAMTP doesn’t control the customs apparatus of the particular states in which they have jurisdiction, so it is not possible for SAMTP readily to enforce this restriction. The state’s customs can report foreign titancrafters who enter a SAMTP state to SAMTP, but SAMTP has no means to oblige them to do so. Thus a Throvian titancrafter who enters the Empire of Magdala can declare to the customs official that he is a titancrafter and then slip the official a bribe to keep this info from going to SAMTP.

Not all states in southern Pytharnia have the same agreement with SAMTP. The Archduchy of Asbardy has a less restrictive agreement and is not required to report entering titancrafters to SAMTP.

All CMa that deal with titancraft and are based in a state with an agreement with SAMTP must be registered with SAMTP.

The purpose of SAMTP is to restrict the knowledge of titancraft, regulate its use, and provide a network for employees and employers. It is regarded as similar to laws that regulate the practice of magic. However SAMTP often serves the interests of the upper crust of its membership.

SAMTP is also permitted to cast its own distinctive gold ingots, but not coinage.


Lord Brechara Kebrin is the current Archguildmaster.

List of Officers by Rank

director of the entire Archguild
one of sixteen members. They approve measures given by the Archguildmaster, have the power to remove the Archguildmaster from office, and choose a new Archguildmaster.
Archguild Governor
director of the Archguild within a political entity, such as a principate of the empire or a secondary division of another member state.
High Prefect
one of twenty members of a body set over a political entity governed by an Archguild Governor.

List of Offices Worldwide

Sovereigner and other Names

The term 'sovereigner' is slang, somewhat disparaging, for members of the Archguild. In casual conversation, it is often called simply the 'Archguild.'

States with compacts with SAMTP

As of 2745, In order of acceptance

Sublime College of Mage Technickers

The Sublime College of Mage Technickers is a fraternal order with dwarven members throughout Pytharnia and the southern Jaggudorns. All members must also be dwarven members of SAMTP. The organization is widely seen as appealing to the aristocratic snobbery of applicable dwarves who do not wish to be confused for commoners among their kind. The order is known to guard secrets of cutting edge titancraft technology and research. The Archguildmaster of SAMTP and several high-ranking officers are members of the Sublime College.

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