Aurician Revolution

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2627 to 2634, Despising the internecine conflicts and extravagance of House Bijäl, a conspiracy of Senators abolished the Grand-Duchy of Aurice and established an aristocratic republic, inspired in part by the independence of Bryndyd and Amerzcelindo. Aurice returned to its pre-medieval tradition of home rule, looking back to such times as those of Ugorth the Archmage. Chiefest among them were Amasgus Galdimese and Yaven Calchamas. The nobles were inspired in part by the Republic of Johaulia. The revolution is dated from 2627, the year when the Noble Senate abolished the Grandy-Duchy and established the Noble Republic to the year 2634 with the Battle of Kadraskan and the continuity of the office of Lord Governor-General, elected by the Noble Senate[1].

Republican Calendar

In official acts of the Senate, the Republican calendar is used rather than the Isxinthion calendar. Thus 2627 is year one. The year 2750 AI is Aurician Republican Calendar Year 124. The Republican Calendar was not intended to replace the Isxinthion Calendar in everyday use for business and most transactions with the government, but is reserved for dating of acts of the Noble Senate and very formal occasions. Years in the Republican system are indicated by ARCY which stands for Aurician Republican Calendar Year]]. To convert any Isxinthion Calendar year to ARCY, simply subtract the value 2626 from it. To convert any ARCY to Isxinthion Calendar, simply add 2626 to it.

Chronology of the Aurician Revolution

  • 2626, Grand Duke Rhungast Bijäl poisoned
  • 2626, Steborn Hallagunst, Wizard of House Bijäl, Rhoglos Bijäl, heir, Sunasa, and other members of household flee to Agogia with partisans
  • 2626 Amísbë Almikkis remains in Aurice and ingratiates herself with the revolutionary dukes
  • 2627 Dukes and other nobles decree the abolition of the Grand-Duchy and establish the Noble Republic. The state cult of the Golden Phœnice is conserved.


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