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List of Books and Documents of Asdar
Title Type Authorship Time Specific LanguageLanguages Av Remarks
Abnegations of Saint Treel St. Treel 1018-1029 Ebinóëse availability5 Primary Source teaches the principles of self-denial practiced by the saint and the basis of the Trelevite Order.
Accord of the Princes of Law, Gavrighauve Edition Treaty Various 2589 Classical Yophenthean availability5 Primary Source 64-year (Gavrighauve Edition of Historic Accord of the Princes of Law
Account of Early Gonfalese Settlement, An History Hespeich borna Nasffa of Blamffa 2632 Gonfalese Language Secondary Source gives history of Gonfalese Tribes and their origin from Medibgö in late 13th century
Account of Lord Bragdathauch's Expedition to Southern Skaligdæ, The History Ofalde dalg Iaibh 2413 Pytharnian Language Secondary Source
Acts of the General Congress of Bryndyd Minutes 2587 Classical Yophenthean Primary Source
Acts of the Senate of the Republic of Aurice Minutes Aurician Senate 2625+ Throvian Av Primary Source Aurician Senate, info before and since 2625, year of Revolution
Address of Zihera kath Z’alulah to warriors of the Seventh Isbajath Address Zihera kath Z'alulah Year Khahonri Language Av Primary Source Address of Incarnandist commander to warriors during the Seventh Isbajath
Aeronautical Almanac
Against Chaos Treatise
Against Zebdomanius Religious Authorship ca 870 Classical Yophenthean Av Arathracian Tract against the prophet Zebdomanius
Alehouse Rumors and the Summoning of the Mad Gods Bírddahab glacha Köín Sträbidwo 2725 Medibgóëse Language availability4 Secondary Source
Alliance of Two Hearts, An History Authorship 2658 Asbardian Language availability4 History of the Arathracian and Incarnandist forces in the Eighth Isbajath
Amandal Plateau: Journeys and Reconciliations, The 2698
Amatory Rites 2648 Corundian Language 5
Ambrinquan Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's Ebinóëse Language availability1 Primary Source Chaos Worship
Among the Submarine Civilizations of the West Pallathantic Merfolk Cities, Siul, Naquir, etc.
Ancient and Holy Points of the Sun, The Treatise Midrevain dhal Tuicha Galtaha 2487 Asbardian Language Secondary Source explains the Arathracian religious observances associated with the high holy days that celebrate the voyage of the sun through the year
Ancient Dragon Lairs of Shaddago availability3
Ancient Midretassene Necromancy 2311 Tassan availability2
Ancient Schism of the Skyfaring Forefathers of the Jaggudorns, The
Annals of Amyrn History Meibddraig borna Graín Syllwigch 1670 Gonfalese Language Av
Anti-Printing Press Statutes and the Accord of the Princes of Law, The Treatise Äknasso Idb 2619 Medibgóëse Secondary Source origin and scope of laws restricting printing press
Arandala verse Dalgorondo 2481 Medibgóëse availability4 Poetic tale of an elf princess of Pytharnia who becomes human
Archetypes of Gorcorumbese Titancraft Vessel Hulls availability3
Architectural Motifs of Neptultchi Temples availability3
Archomagus Codex Annal anonymous Late 23rd C Asbardian availability1 Primary Source copy of state decrees of Archmage Bexaloth
Archotheistic Heliolatry in the Post-Schismatic Arathracian Communion availability3 Secondary Source
Art and Practice of Goetic Magic, The
Artifacts of the Age of Fire and Ice Antiquarian Baduzuk ishbiz Iposhish 2416 Ithradic Dwarven Language Av discusses ruins and relics, mostly dwarven, from the Age of Fire and Ice
Asbard Bestiary of Throes
Asbard Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's availability1 Primary Source Chaos Worship
Asbard War Dragons (Book) Bragand dhal Ithraig 2613 Asbardian availability3
Asbards in the Battle of Pytharnia History Iblaigath dhal Dwail Mighir 2640 Asbardian availability4 Secondary Source
Asbardian Revolt against Thrace History Iblaigath dhal Dwail Mighir 2646 Asbardian availability4 Secondary Source
Asbardian Dragon Knights in the Great Sky War History Iblaigath dhal Dwail Mighir 2638 Asbardian availability4 Secondary Source
Asdaurian Expedition of Prakanuza Company Travel Account Paradeisius Iugain 2720 Throvian Language availability3 Primary Source
Aturyandakumi Epic Garshaha Rubhira ca 7900s AS Kalaman Language Primary Source epic of the hero-king Aturyanda, survivor of the Great Flood and founder of ancient Kalama
Aurice Before the Dark Prince History Pagag Mantva 2674 Throvian Language availability3 Secondary Source History of Aurice before Prince Ulcanov
Aurician Colonial Policy from Grand Duchy to Republic History Barias ennekhá Perevath 2653 Throvian Language availability4
Aurician Military Engagements of the Sewdhaine War Military History Jamunyat ennekhá Tmaru 2693 Throvian Language
Aurician Republic, The Political Treatise Authorship 2685 Tassan Language Av development and interpretation of Noble Republic of Aurice, 2627 to 2685
Aurician Sky Politics in Agogia History Jhatta ennekhá Danakh 2689 Language availability4 Remarks
Aurician Transit Corridors Engineering Bayskon Ulagogo 2732 Throvian Language availability4 Transit Corridors from the city proper
Azbulihan's Guide to Djinn of Weshif Guide Azbulihan ikib Asulimaana 2421 Dagaithi Language Account of Djinn of Weshif, history of relations, wars with humans, Isbajutha, Paphutaikim's Isbajath, Gorcorumbese assault against Valley of the Djinn
Bahraz, The Religious Dagaithi availability4 The seminal text of the Imzaha Religion
Basiliary Codex Religious various 23rd C Classical Yophenthean availability3 Primary Source Incarnandist record, followed by blessing by Incarnandist monks, Khahonri Language; includes later glosses in Asbardian
Bathtimes of Lord Ulcanov, The Libretto Tmaru Vazancha 2694 Throvian Language Composer: Enrayom the Cantiran
Battle of Pytharnia One Hundred Years Later, The Military History Ontairgain dalg Mehailgean 2674 Pytharnian Language; Medibgóëse Language, Asbardian Language Secondary Source Pivotal Battle of Pytharnia in GSW
Best Hotels and Inns of Amyrn and its Countryside Travel Guide Asthubir umba Kasffarig 2714 Gonfalese Language, Asbardian Language, Pytharnian Language Av Remarks
Best Loved Goscund Bards Biographical 2603 Throvian Language Secondary Source biography of selected Goscund Bards, their lives and works
Bickerbat's Tales Children's Children's stories told by a talking horse; originally from the Shadmaus
Bijälian Imperial Strategy in the Shadevan Geopolitics Jhatta ennekhá Danakh 2682 Throvian Language availability3
Bijälian Legacy, The History Fastorn Arvondunve 2685 Throvian Language availability3
Bladewringing Swords of Barystonian Trevirs Guide Kéwbdraig umba Groichdrubal of Tanthgefri 2652 Pytharnian Language availability3 Secondary Source
Blue Dragon Eggs
Bone Magic of the Beastfolk
Book of Aireánnau Religious attributed to Aireánnau Classical Yophenthean Av authorship deemed spurious
Book of Arathracontis History Authorship Av Primary Source for Fourth Isbajath
Book of the Tamdari Religious Thamphakulu of Sungo ca 870 availability4 Primary Source "The True Magic can been heard all around us. The magic that cannot be seen is only mystery. The true magic is the sound and not the hearing."
Book of the Wars of Arathrax History Various Various Classical Yophenthean availability5 Primary Source
Brief History of the Knights-Templar of Arathrax, The History Aigueadal dhailg Bardinda Threvandusil 2703 Erechórebese Language Av
Bryndydine Gloss Exegetical Traditional 700's Classical Yophenthean Av An explanation by an Arathracian priest in the 8th century of the meanings of the Commandments of Arathrax
Bwenghia region in Za-Bahuna
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Catalogue of the Witchlands Geographical Griffain Vedachier of Magetown 2643 Throvian Language list and description of the Throe Wastes of Throvy
Children of Miyanikhiya Biographical Rhionantis the Younger of Aurice 2614 Throvian Language Secondary Source Children of the Incarnandina and their roles in the Isbajutha, especially the Fifth Isbajath
Chronicle of the Companions of Jedhur Dragonwilled, the History Authorship ca 2300 Khahonri Language availability4 History of Eighth Isbajath
Collected Letters of Croin Paskanoppo (2719 to 2745) Correspondence Croin Paskanoppo 2753 Ebinóëse, Ithatian, Corundian, Tassan, Yophenthean Primary Source Letters of Ebinóëse Political Dissident
Collected Letters of Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl Type Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl 2638 Thracian Language Av Primary Source Editor
Collection of Thetzisari Idioms Agdaskalos
Commandments of Arathrax Religious Traditional ca 250 to ca 550 AI Classical Yophenthean Av Revelations from the God Arathrax to Erithragean and his successors, with their explanations of the commandments, part of the Book of Arathrax
Combat of Airdred, The Poem Alabast ennekhá Gaskondain Balacha late 2300's Throvian Language Av Legendary Account of Combat between Prince Ulcanov and Airdred the Wily
Concerning Warfare Among the Pytharnians Treatise Shibziadáin ishbiz Bakhuilub Ithradic Dwarven Language discusses human warfare from the viewpoint of the Ithradic dwarves; includes much information about Yophenthean warfare
Concordance of Spectral Phenomena of the Amosgire Reference Heikumbadd umb'Aínb of Malfaleel 2687 Gonfalese Language 3 Tertiary Source
Conjugal Customs of the Ambrulian Centaur Tribes
Constitutions of the Empire Law Pytharnian; Medibgóëse Primary Source Magdalan Law Codes
Corundian Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's Corundian Language availability1 Primary Source Chaos Worship
Corundy and the Fifth Geddamin War History Rhionantis the Elder of Aurice 2611 Throvian Language Secondary Source Causes, Events, and interpretation of the Fifth Geddamin War
Cospian Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's Cospian Language availability1 Primary Source Chaos Worship
Costumes of the Magdalan Court in the Twenty Seventh Century Secondary Source
Curse of House Bijäl Libretto Sorrega Tathaib 2719 Tassan the work treats the last years of the life of Stalcast Bijäl, including his tragic death in a hunting accident, 3 Acts; libretto written in Tassan with some phrases in Thracian
Cyclopedia of Natural Philosophy Reference Various Tertiary Source 19 volume set
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Death of Tavikre Shawath, The Epic Primary Source
Decree of Annexation of the Shadevan Provinces (2589) Law Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl 2589 Thracian Language, Throvian Language Primary Source Legal Decree that Shadevan Islands are independent from Ithatia and under protection of Aurice
Decree of Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl Concerning Corundy Law Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl 2584 Thracian Language, Throvian Language Primary Source Legal Decree that the mainland of Corundy is free from all Gorcorumbese Dominion
Decree of Universal Emancipation throughout the Grand Duchy of Aurice (2576) Law Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl 2576 Thracian Language, Throvian Language Primary Source Legal decree that emancipated serfs in Throvy
Delicacies of Old Magdala 2633 Pytharnian Cookbook
Derivations Common to Pallathanto-Toruvian Languages Arrham Taspänuk 2635 Secondary Source
Descent of the Giants Treatise Orkybanthius of Zander ca 350 Ithatian Language Secondary Source Orkybanthus of Zander details his theories of the origins of giants, touches upon Titan history; references Ithatian, Midretassene, Kalaman, and Shelekhumbian creation accounts; cosmology
Dialogues of Mando, The Philosophical Mando ca 50 Classical Ithatian Primary Source
Diaspora of the Parkyon Tribe, The 2589 Parkyon Secondary Source spread of people of Parkyon extraction throughout Barathorn, Orrhymby, and elsewhere
Disquisition of the Proofs of Interpenetrating Worlds Treatise Saddhya Ghuna 2397 Tassan explains reasons for polycosmic universe
Dradvona Herbary, The
Dragonback Warriors Cathag dhal Airvain Bismeargha 2582 Asbardian Language Secondary Source hardy, dedicated dragonmount warriors of Pytharnia and their role in the Great Sky War
Drameggin Book of Seers, The authorship dubious and content spurious, purportedly Antediluvian
Dwarven Architecture in Human Cities
Dwarven Courtship Customs of the High Jaggudorns Amandal Dwarves, Ithradic Jaggudorner dwarves
Dwarven King Lists of Ancient Bukalaa Primary Source
Dwarven King Lists of Ancient Ithrads Primary Source
Dwarven King Lists of Tauhad Anonymous Primary Source spans several millennia, stone inscriptions, dwarven cuneiform; the original stone tablets are in Tauhad; paper copies are available with translation and commentary
Dwarven Mechanical Engineering before the Twenty Fifth Century
Dwarven Stone Relief of the First Kingdom of Dagdoria
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Early Air Battles of the Titancraft Age Military History Guspean dhal Cumdha Gamfidhrin 2658 Asbardian Secondary Source Gorcorumbese and early human titancraft air vessels, Covers about 2580 to 2620
Early Arathracian Priest-Kings History Caspain dhal Daghoidhe Thiga dhaila Ithraig 2468 Asbardian Language History of First Rulers of Yophenthea, beginning with Erithraigean
Elements of Pytharnian Philology Arrham Taspänuk 2627
Eradication of Chaos Cults in Imperial Law Treatise Dhefarra dalg Ioguain 2614 Pytharnian
Erechórebese Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's Erechórebese availability1 Chaos Worship
Eregioadine Sacramentary Ecclesiastical anonymous 2231 Classical Yophenthean compiled during reign of Eregioadh IV, 2,226 to 2,334
Esthetics of Gorcorumbese Titancraft, The
Exhortations of S'ephah kab Shaykhul Speeches S'ephah kab Shaykhul ca 2275 Khahonri Language Av Primary Source Exhortations and admonitions of S'ephah kab Shaykhul to his son Gidhoniel, primary source for period and 5th Isb.
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Familiar Adages of High Pytharnia
Famous Titancraftwrights of the Past Century 2609 Throvian Secondary Source outlines the lives of the most famous titancraft developers of the twenty sixth century -- the century when humans and dwarves pioneered the acquisition and improvement of titancraft
Fate of Gungglos, The
Festschrift for Kirxionantine of the Long Sleeves
Field Guide for Amantuvite Borgissas Technical Manual 2672 Pytharnian 4
Field Guide to Goblin Death Traps of the Wild Jaggudorns
Fiendish Armorial Esoteric anonymous Year availability2 Primary Source
Fifteen Songs of King Llawffagain, The Epic ~1550's
Five Ages or the Rationalized History of Gods and Humans Treatise Rhaaltheptis Parrhomigo 2414 Tassan
Five Lives of the Princes of Chaos Biographical Amric Ethuve 2579 Ithatian Language; many others
Forbidden Memoirs of Prince Ulcanov Ithatian widely regarded as spurious and sensational
Foundations of the Oliblishi Kingdom History Wanwaya kath Safya 2527 Khahonri Language Av Eleventh Isbajath and foundation of Oliblish, ca 2300
From Archmagedom to Archduchy: A History of Asbardy History Achansmadh dhal Gnamauidh Tingolacth 2703 Asbardian Language Secondary Source covers 2200 to 2680; establishment of Bexaloth through the Sewdhaine War
From the Fifth Isbajath to the Fifth Geddamin War: The Transformation of Early Modern Aurice Historical Analysis Danax Aistaga 2702 Throvian Language Av Secondary Source
Fundamentals of Kirxionantine Alchemy
Funerary and Civil Monuments of the Arathracians Antiquarian Honcha dhal Cumdha 2376 Asdbardian Catalogues major stone relics and funerary monuments of the Yophenthean Rulers of Asbardy
Funeral Oration of Tirkha kab Ath’on kab Haliyk Oration anonymous late 23rd Asbardian Language Av Primary Source Papyrus, oration given in behalf of Incarnandist who died during time of Seventh Isbajath
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Galdimesan Discretion and the Senatorial Supermajority Type Ambrew Hask 2671 Throvian Language Av
Gastronomer’s Guide to Trevirs Guide Pytharnian Guide to fine and notable restaurants and bars of Trevirs
Glamsagin Chronicle, The History, Annals Ra'esel kab Naphug ca 2290's Khahonri Language Av Primary Source primary historical source of events of the Fifth Isbajath and related events
God's Whirlwind: The Isbajutha Historical Analysis Thulinantis Tepriax of Zamaclë 2568 Ithatian Av Secondary Source outlines and highlights the chief events of the Isbajutha (2423 to 2476) and discusses the swiftness and far-reaching consequences
Gods of Kalama Orkybanthinantis of Addinoro ca 600 Tassan no longer extant, discussed the gods and religion of the ancient Kalamans, excerpts survive in other authors
Golden Age of Dragonmount Warfare in Pytharnia and Barathorn, The History 2671 Secondary Source
Golden Book of Aurice, The Government Document Throvian Primary Source Recognized officially since the reign of House Kaligär, the Golden Book of Aurice lists all the properly registered aristocratic houses and rulers of the city of Aurice and the provinces of Throvy. The book is held in the Senatorial Palace of Aurice and is continually revised, with vellum pages being removed and added annually.
Goscundian Bestiary of Throes Throvian Language
Goscundian Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's Throvian availability1 Chaos Worship
Grand Duke Bijäl's Address to the Grand Army before the Battle of Qusharya Type Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl Thracian Language, Throvian Language Av Primary Source during the Fifth Geddamin War
Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl: The Phœnix of Aurice Biographical Vedaius Skain, 2675 to 2746 2713 Throvian Language Secondary Source comprehensive biography of Stalcast Bijäl from birth to death
Great Ruby Road: Barathorner Portaging, The 2672 Erechórebese Language Cities and townships along the Great Ruby Road, method of portaging, kinds of portagers
Great Trade Ships of the Pallathantic
Guide to Lyric Theater of Corundy and the Tassan Highlands Guide 2648, 2665
Guide to the Aurician Games of High Summer 2718
Gwarnavague's Libram of Spells Magical Text
Gwendalore Romance
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Halfling Waygods of High Pytharnia
Handbook of Troll Cant, Handsigns, and Customs
Harmony of the Cosmic Elements Treatise Thraspevain dhal Esbirth Yeabhola 2494 Asbardian Language Discusses the cosmological balance of the four classical elements
Hermeneutics of the Lygdamionic Cantos Academic 2537 Tassan availability3 various methods of interpreting Lygdamionic Verse from various books of manic devotions (Chaos Poetry)
High Arathracian Ossuaries Type Psaleimo Khupraskalos 2642 Ithatian Language Av Ebinóëse-born Author
History of Dwarven Architecture of the Jaggudorns Secondary Source
History of Erechóreb, A History 2208 Erechórebese Language Secondary Source pre-Goldenling, Goldenling, Post-Yophenthean to 23rd century, 21 volume set
History of the Arathracian Church in Corundy ecclesiastical history 2497 Secondary Source
History of Saragean the Stout, the Biography Authorship 2317 Classical Yophenthean availability4 Biography of Saragean the Stout, Arathracian Knight-Templar who fought in the Eighth Isbajath
History of the Study of Celestial Mechanics Secondary Source
Hœrnectian Book of the Dream, The Cosmological, Relgious anonymous before 5,000 AS Ancient Hœrnectian Language Primary Source describes the cosmology of the ancient Hœrnectians, the "Dream," The work exists today only in fragments and quote fragments from Shelekhumbian authors and others.
Holy City of Arathrax, The Theology Saint Agostof of Delesphao 1073 Erechórebese Language The historical and metaphysical role of the city of Yophénthë, theological treatise on the spiritual city of Arathrax
Hunting by Skycraft
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Illusion of Heterodoxy in Historic Chaos Cults, The Treatise
Imperial Strategy of Aurice Treatise 2710
Implements of Chaos: Guide to Bladewringing Swords and Daggers of the Late Middle Ages Guide Kwändb Ömulba 2679 Medibgóëse Catalogue and guide to collectors of bladewringing swords
Incarnandist Siege of Trevirs Type Iff dalg Kiabuirre Bangrin 2592 Pytharnian Language availability4 Secondary Source
Incarnature, The Religious Various Principle Religious Text of Incarnandist Believers
Indolise of Bryndyd Tragedy
Institutes of Ancient Yophenthean Law
Intrigues of the Late Bijälian Court Perevath Chandomiddo 2710 Tassan Secondary Source written 2700-2710, covers 2574 to 2627, but focuses on 2590 to 2634, the reigns of Vast and Rhungast Bijäl and ending with the Battle of Kadraskan and the death of Rhoglos Bijäl
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Jairutthalakumi Epic Samptarah ahwa Kamaddhu ca 4,700 AS Kalaman Language Primary Source account of the rise of King Jairutthala
Jecubian Country Songs 2512
Jerushabla and the Isbajutha history Wanwaya kath Safya 2519
Journal of Alchemical Studies of the Archguild School of Trevirs Academic Journal
Journal of Arathracian Studies Erechórebese
Journal of the Archivists of Imperial Trevirs Professional Journal
Journey through Six Provinces of Sungo, A Travel Log ~2410's
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Kalamantica Orkybanthinantis of Addinoro ~600 AI Tassan Secondary Source the Kalamantica deals with the origins, gods, rulers, and history of ancient Kalama, a great flood survivor culture. The Kalamantica is a work of prose written in ancient Ithatian, the language of scholarship at that time. It was translated into ancient Midretassene and since has been translated into many modern languages
Kings of the Thracian Empire History Kalihar Zuspund Aliugav 2497 Thracian Language Av Thracian Kings of the 25th century
Kalikán Kingship of Thrace and the Imperial Apparatus in the Twenty Sixth Century Treatise Gakhraub isbhiz Pukhamalau Barrubeikh 2609 Ithradic Dwarven Language
Kaphrimmoth, The Religious Various Khahonri Language
Kaspaíniü's Grammar of High Medibgóëse Grammar Llowcha 'mba Aínb Kaspaíniü 2562 Medibgóëse; translated into Pytharnian and other languages Grammar of Medibgóëse Language
Kingdoms of Leh-Shelekhumbis, The 2697 Tassan Language Secondary Source Political History of Shelekhumbia from ancient times
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Last Voyage of Darvak Manukvar, The Romance Thworganian
Law of the Sixteen Golden Tablets Law ~400's ? Archaic Erechórebese Language Primary Source Ancient Yophenthean Law Code
Legend of Saint Gidhoniel Chanson (Epic) Gasraf kab Eth'eb ~2400's Khahonri Language epic account of St. Gidhoniel kab S'ephah in the Fifth Isbajath
Legends of the Witchlands Folklore Vastvar Igoriaco 2691 Throvian compilation of legends told about the Throe Wastes of Throvy
Lord Framondiger Novel
Lost Cities of the Witchlands Geographical Griffain Vedachier of Magetown 2646 Throvian Language Describes the cities of the Throe Wastes, Banjavit, Camptephir, Vilangril, Hars, Eszhuna, Aszhrafa, Secruba; locations, dangers, best approaches, various hazards
Lygdamioniac Invocation Religious Archmage Bexaloth, attrib late 23rd C Asbardian Language Av Primary Source Prayers and spells regarding Lygdamion
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Magic: A Dangerous Servant 2184 Dúrandworese warns about the dangers of magic to the practitioner and the community
Magnificent Ruination of Old Yophénthë Guide 2513 Travel Guide to great ruins of ancient Yophénthë
Majestic Order of the Heavens, The Astronomy, 17 books
Manual of Panagogic Exchange Technical
Mating Rituals of the Gishak
Medibgösk Book of Manic Devotions Religious 1900's Medibgóëse availability1 chaos worship
Metamagics Philosophical Mando
Metamorphosis of Rhio Poem Choronaxipos of Teliasper ca 470 AS Ithatian Language availability3 Primary Source
Minor Devil Cults of Lake Vimal Religion Ibrikya aluzhZhakli Lashkafya Tassan worship of semi-divine and minor divinities and devils of high Johaulia, especially Lake Vimal
Miyanikhiya Mother of Tisbajuma Biography Zuhar kab Shalshaz kab Biyash 2553 Khahonri Av Life of First Incarnandina to call a General Isbajath
Minotaur Cults and Cultists of Northern Danona
Modern System of Astronomy Scientific Simebal Dalib ~2550 Shelekhumbian 14 Books
Moyan War (Epic), The Epic Memerth ca 750 AS Epic Account of the War against Moya
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Necessary Evil, A ~400 Ebinóëse Magic as a Dangeous Tool; written by an Arathracian
Neptultchi Origins in Dragonmount Cant and Esoteric Magecraft Arrham Taspänuk 2642
Nesography of Kaddis the Lesser, The Kaddis the Lesser Classical Ithatian Primary Source
New Gateway to the Jaggudorns: The Five Locks Project Documentary Hamery ennekhá Ummar Pachavo 2672 Throvian the ambitious project to build locks to circumvent the five cataracts of the Shadmaus and enable river barge traffic from the Pallathantic into the High Shadevan
Noble Families of High Pytharnia
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Oath of the Shenimite Warrior Religious Anonymous 2240 Khahonri Language Av Primary Source Oath made by Shenimite Warrior in preparation for Isbajath
Obandian Art
Obscenities of Chaos Cults in Pre-Isbajath Aurice History Drey Tvanko 2603 Throvian Secondary Source account of repugnant chaos cult practices
On Hormastics Abbiachus
On Human Origins Anthropology Paradeisius Iugain 2741
On Revelatory States of Consciousness
On the Ancient Systems of Magecraft
On the Refutation of Many Gods Philosophical -- Oratorical Discusses the many arguments used to denigrate polytheism, the motivations of the arguers, and critiques them, author gives subtle biases
One Waits at the Door Novel 2487
Origin of Fey Humanlikes in Northern Pytharnia, The
Origins of the Bijälian Dynasty Type Pernora Ippekum 2613 Throvian Av Secondary Source
Our Heritage of Incarnandist Saints Rhionantis the Younger of Aurice 2619 Throvian Secondary Source lists numerous Incarnandist Saints through the centuries with emphasis on Throvian Saints like St. Olmima Olima of the Glade
Outpouring, The Religious St. Melíbdë the Barren 2572 Primary Source ritings of Incarnandist Saint who espoused compassion as the gateway to deity
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Paradeisius' Guide to the Pallathantic West Travel Guide Paradeisius Iugain 2734
Paradeisius' Guide to the Shanjari Khamifate Travel Guide Paradeisius Iugain 2738
Perils and Science of the Good Goddess Work on Gwona and Niahore
Perpetuity of Aurician Majesty under Senatorial Rule Type Ambrew Hask 2669 Throvian Av
Perspectives on Classical Elementology
Prayers of St. Ithraig dhal Fascaghire Religious Ithraig dhal Fascaghire, attrib ca 2300 Asbardian Av Primary Source Incarnandist prayers to God regarding the 7th Isbajutha
Pre-Aireannavian Cremations of Tireathiain Type Thimul dhailg Erifirve 2737 Erechórebese Av Secondary Source
Preternatural Consciousness in the Non-Energist
Prince Agairth Srunamba (Book) History Iblaigath dhal Dwail Mighir 2642 Asbardian Av Secondary Source
Prince's Obligation Encyclical Sunfather Cambadheal I 1753 Yophenthean Primary Source Encyclical against wizardry, commands Arathracian princes to weed out wizardry
Principles of Magdeology
Principles of Fundamental Polycosmology Academic Olim Kebisot 2618 Ebinóëse Av Introductory text for mage-trained scholars into Polycosmology
Proceedings of the Popular Revolutionary Council 2756+ Pytharnian 3 Primary Source
Profane Roots of Esoteric Languages Linguistics Arrham Taspänuk 2638
Pytharnian Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's Pytharnian availability1 Primary Source Chaos Worship
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Rangers of the Umbardian Woodlands
Ray of Wizardry, The Magical Gnaspadbun of Srona 2465 8 volume set of codices
Regimens of Energism 2413 Tassan 5
Reminders of the Blood Feud in Modern Dwarven Conventions Academic
Rituals of Transcendance
Role of Primeval Ages in Epic Poetry, The Academic Rhaaltheptis Parrhomigo 2707 Tassan Secondary Source
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Saga of Anatar the Guileless, The Saga 800's Ancient Thracian
Sanctuarial Register of Errigaidha Nava history various various Classical Yophenthean availability6 Record of key events of the Arathracian Sanctuary of Errigaidha Nava
Sanctuarial Register of Sruha Leham Register anonymous medieval Language Av Primary Source collected annually, includes years during 7th Isb.; baby births, blessings, sacraments, sollevations, ossuaries
Saturnine Fever: Symptoms and Treatments Medical Primary Source
Saurian Domestication in the Medibgösk Tradition
Secrets of Dwarven Dragonrail in Pytharnia 2728
Serene Madness: The Mind of the Chaos Cultist, A 2649
Shagrela'al: Cradle of Imzaha 2562
Shaythphar's History of Oliblish History Shaythphar the Chronologer ca 2480 Khahonri Language availability5 original history of the Eleventh Isbajath and origin of Kingdom of Oliblish
Shelekhumbite Book of Manic Devotions Religious Anonymous 1900's Shelekhumbite availability1 Chaos Worship
Siege and Battles of the Twelfth Isbajath Military History Airugadin dalg Lioguirne Ucharba 2518 Pytharnian Language availability4 Secondary Source
Siege of Bryndyd (Book), The military history Straudh dhal Rhiggoinech Siarbha 2619 Asbardian Secondary Source Seventh Isbajath
Skyfaring Nations of Colnoria and Jasturia 2633 Parkyon availability4 ancient skytribes of western Jaggudorns before and after the exodus of the Parkyon
Sons of Erithraigean Type Taspha dalc Pholmagailna Year 419 Av history of Arathracian rulers in the fourth century
Spiritual Quest for Tangible Azalamb Tenedrin Calchamas 2740's
Standard-bearers of the Twelfth Isbajath Type Ofalde dalge Aodhaiva Dascor 2682 Pytharnian Language availability4 Secondary Source
Stone Monuments of the Western Baihu 2519 Gonfalese 4
Story of the Sewdhaine War, The History Amgiádda Kiéwb umba Gnaspadb 2693 Medibgóëse; translated into many others Secondary Source broad, easy to understand account
Strategies of Land Reclamation for Aurice Civil Engineering Bayskon Ulagogo 2735 Throvian Av
Study of Non-Doctrinarian Psychic Meditations, A 2557 Ithatian Language guide to psychic meditations exclusive of religion
Sword of the Maiden of Zephas, The Epic Lay Irchoram of Asberdon 2440's Asbardian Language Primary Source account of Shadirya of Zephas in the Seventh Isbajath
Symbolism of Clerical Artwork of Post-Medieval Johaulia Academic Rhaaltheptis Parrhomigo 2698 Tassan
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Tales of Old Pytharny Aliskémon Tharstros 2555 Pytharnian
Tales of the Haunted Hills of Amosgire Storybook Svygdraig borna Medibffalwyrg 2523 Gonfalese collection of fables and legends about ghosts and hauntings in the Amosgire Hills
Tamojib's Lament Poem Tamojib the Exile ca. 2315 Khahonri Language availability3 Remarks
Telepathy in the Command Strategy of the Twelfth Isbajath Military History Airugadin dalg Lioguirne Ucharba 2597 Pytharnian Language availability3 Secondary Source
Temples and Treasures of Neptultchi Pytharnia
Terrors of the Changeable Gods Type Ofalde dalge Aodhaiva Dascor 2681 Pytharnian Language availability4 Secondary Source
The Isxinthion Hymns Errhus (attributed) ~600 AS Classical Ithatian
Thirteen Days Among the Uglyami 2618 Pytharnian gritty adventure story
Thirteen Days and Nights in the Uglyami Frontier 2695 Thworganian (?) availability4
Thracian Folksongs 2642
Timanthionic Book of Aeons Legendary attributed to Timanthio ~15,000 AS availability0 A historic record attributed to the legendary great Titan, Timanthio
Titancraft Hollow-Hulled Chamber Lift Systems Treatise
Titancraft Revolution
Titancraft War Vessels of Aurice
Titanology and Titancraft
Towards a Higher Interpretation of Divine Personae Philosophical
Traditional Thracian Gontha Husbandry
Transformative Energetics
Transgenic Wizardry in Theory and Practice availability3
Transmutational Concoctions in Theory and Practice
Troll Songs of High Agogia
Trollish and other Humanlike Pidgins of the Shadmaus
Trollscrift of High Agogia Reference Fiogal dalg Hairtha 2642 Pytharnian availability4 gives examples of troll-markings and teaches how to understand them, uses examples from Shadmaus and Transalpine Agogia
Tyrophian Sow, The 2703 Throvian availability4
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Ugorth the Archmage Romance Throvian
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Vankkagomirian Empire (Book), The History Ddaínba Kélallba 2604 Medibgóëse availability4
Victory over Trevirs History Ariglas dhal Iustragvain Caflaga 2581 Asbardian Language availability5 Secondary Source Battle of Pytharnia, 2573
Title Type Authorship Time Languages Av Remarks
Warlock's Guide to the Undead availability2
Wars of Imperial Tangshania, The availability3 Secondary Source eleven volume set
War of the Allies Type Erreach dalc Smiahairna 572 Language availability4 Secondary Source War between Erechóreb and eastern Pallathantic, culminating in the Battle of Siul, 513
Wilderness Guide to High Thrace Medibgóëse availability4
Witch and the Tisbajiya: The Second Battle of the Archmage, The History Aiachourn dhal Caspain Sichogha 2687 Asbardian availability4 Secondary Source account of the life and struggle of Shadirya of Zephas, Psychic Crusader and slayer of Bexaloth
Wizardry among the Ithatian Ruling Classes of the Heroic Age Academic-Magical 2334 Ithatian availability3 Secondary Source practice and dissemination of wizardry among Ithatian Heroes in the pre-Salmakhamer Heroic Period
Woes of Yophenthea, The Epic traditionally attributed to Dantherac Glardanth Speluntomil Classical Yophenthean Account of Prince Dantherak set against the Third Sack of Yophénthë and Fall of the Yophenthean Empire
Wyvern Migratory Routes and Weirs of Agogia availability3
Xsyte Language Primer
Yophentheanizing Elements of Late Medieval Tapestry of Johaulia Rhaaltheptis Parrhomigo 2701 Tassan
Zafayat’s Guide to Gastronomy of High Aurice Guide Zafayat 2714 Throvian availability4 Primary Source Guide to better restaurants of the City of Aurice and nearby islands
Zankiphresil Legendary Religious Imzaha Religion availability0 Primary Source Imzaami believe this book exists in the angelic realm. "Zankiphresil" means literally "Seven Books of God."
Zorundeen's History of Shelekhumbia Gander Zorundeen Tassan Secondary Source

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Additional List of Books and Documents

Guide to Availability Icons

The seven icons of availability rate a given text from zero to six, with zero meaning not extant anywhere and six meaning very common. The availability is relative and somewhat subjective. Availability means the likelihood that the given text will be found in a setting where it could reasonably be found, such as a library, a wealthy collector, or a merchant. The Incarnature is rated as '6' very common, but this doesn't mean you'll absolutely find it in the personal library of a wealthy collector who is secretly a chaos cultist. It is deemed very common because devout and harmonist Incarnandists are fairly easy to find in the Pallathantic and most all devout Incarnandists of any merit have at least one copy of the Incarnature, the seminal text of their religion, in their possession.

Many factors can affect availability, including the demand for the book, the year it was first published, political favor or disfavor towards the text, and institutional demand. A book may be deemed rare, but may be obtained with some effort by a powerful, well-established wizard through her network of colleagues and institutions. Finally, it is important to note that this availability rating reflects Pallathantic bias. The Book of the Tamdari is very common in far east, but very uncommon (3) in the Pallathantic. However, it is rated (4) as it can be purchased from larger booksellers and there is not risk of supply running out.

It should be kept in mind that books on Asdar cost anywhere from three to ten times as much as books on Earth. The rating system refers to availability of a legitimate copy of a text. Original documents are another matter and are often very rare, even if numerous, subsequent copies exist.

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