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Asdar is name of the World of Asdar and is found as a wander-word throughout the languages of the Pallathantic Region. The name 'Asdar' is thought to originate from an Ancient Gwenyan word for 'branch' or from the name of a tribe of Elamahti. Ancient tradition says that it is called a branch, meaning a 'branch' of Kuol Tuvahr or the cosmic urwelt from which all titans, human, and humanlike civilizations sprang.

Asdar is recognized by all civilizations to be ancient beyond the reckoning of human history or even dwarven history. Asdar's size and climate are very similar if not identical to Earth.

Humans do not agree regarding their origins on the world of Asdar. The two prevailing and contentious points of view are that the gods created humans on Asdar and that the Titans brought humans to Asdar no less than 20,000 years ago. A version of the former is widely held by most religions of Asdar while the latter is most prevalent among scholars although it is by no means the dominant view in the institutions of higher learning of the Pallathantic. Alternative and mixed theories also exist, but they are not as widely adopted as the titanist and the autochthonist theories.

World of Asdar Old World

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List of the Continents and Regions of Old World Asdar
Antarctica Asdauria Barathorn and Orrhymby Danona Pallathantic Sea Pytharnia Sungo Two Bahunas
Antarctic Continent Proper


Dravernian Peninsula
Glaike Peninsula


North Orrhymby
Green Coast of Danona
Wild Coast of Danona
Danonan Deserts
Massady Geth Mountains
Giant Isles
Golden Isles
Ithatian Islands

Major Isles

Thykomian Islands

Major Isles

Minor Isles

Pallathantic Coast
High Pytharnia
Southeast Pytharnia
West Coast


New Pytharnia
Old Zephasia
Shadrimporee Archipelago
Wild Dracks